👣 Baby steps…

Life’s a funny little-big thing, we are born into an exciting world which is nothing like we’ve seen before. Then we go through the first few years of living which is when we do a whole lot of growing and developing.

We learn to talk, walk, love and appreciate. We then receive a few more years’ worth of experience and by the time we reach our Teens we feel like the boss 💪🏾 We feel like we have completely mastered this living life game. But have we?

I have chosen to undertake both the journies of academia and business (not as simple as I expected – even for a planner-holic 😣). I am studying towards a Master’s degree in Graphic Design. Also on my plate is a Fashion and Branding start-up Up_phelele (Pty) Ltd  Woah, I was not intirely aware of what I was signing up for. I’m also an optimist, to the core, so with every obstacle that is presented I am always searching for the lesson in it.

I must be honest though, the idea of taking things one step-at-a-time is farely new to me. I have always been the person who Gets Things Done 💪🏾 and FAST! Though I am realising that as I become older it’s less possible to do so. Simply because my responsibilities have increased. I can no longer afford to completely focus and give my all to one thing. For instance, school was previously a breeze when I was younger because I always had a mother who will take care of everything else. I now live by myself, have school to attend to, a business to build and run and a personal life to live. It all seems like way too much from time-to-time but it’s totally doable! I always think back to how Mama always had her ducks in a row and still had time to gather all her children’s too! Your Mom like that too? You see, it’s possible! How?

Baby steps, that’s how! I have noted that as I have matured with age I no longer allow myself that extra time, that patience that is needed with everyone who is learning to do something new in their life. Be patient with yourself, but also be consintent. Keep making effort, you only loose once you stop

🛑  D O N’ T  S T O P  🛑  👣 Baby steps

 Featured image by James-parnell.com


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