Love is Enough

Have you ever heard about or witnessed the end of a relationship you were convinced would last forever? When you ask how it happened you get: “Love is just not enough 💔”

Really? Since when? Says who?
I am, for one, am totally against this notion. I do not believe it and I refuse to even hear it  any further. In as much as we all have different understandings, and have received individual revelations of what love is – I can almost completely assure you that we all hold a dear and sacred comprehension of the notion.

Love to me is the greatest concept of them all. I cannot be held nor can it be seen, but it is able to be felt. It is felt somewhere we cannot quite explain. We then call this inexplicable place our heart but science has let us know that it isn’t quite so. I respect love, now I know that it isn’t an unserious little thing that you feel in the pit of your stomach during your first kiss💏 it is more than that…

It is also more that an emotion, it doesn’t change like a mood swing. Love is eternal and it is something my parents use to describe how much the care about me. They love me. LOVE. I honestly cannot think of anything a parent will not do just to make sure their child is well. NOTHING. So is that what we mean when we say we love something? Or when we love someone?

Then can you seen how love is indeed enough?
Not only that – love is all-sufficient.
It is all we truly ever need


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