3 Life Lessons From a Friend Called: GYM


It is no secret that I spend every waking day at gym simply because I love it and is my career choice. It has become my second home, a place where I can let go and just be and I know it’s not the same for everyone else. For some people it’s the house of pain and punishment which is understandable because we are different. However there are a few things that I think gym teaches one. I have learnt quite a few but these three stand out.

  1. Commitment– in life we always have the option of backing out of something should we feel it doesn’t make us happy anymore. This is a god thing but not always because sometimes you might find that the sun is on its way and you just have to wait the storm. I was one of those athlete who chose the clean lifestyle without supplement which was fun in the beginning but dragging as the weeks went by due to results being slow. But that’s what I signed up for. It hurts more when you using your natural energy for workouts, your body transformation doesn’t happen in 3 weeks but after months and you constantly have to remind yourself why you doing this. I stuck it through and now happily enjoying the benefits.
  2. Consistency– this is one thing that most of us struggle with especially when it comes to goals. We want change and to achieve goals but somehow when the going gets tough we start coming up with excuses as to why you no longer striving to achieve your goal. At gym I was lucky enough to workout with a team where by if one us failed an exercise or didn’t show, we all got punished by adding 20 pushups to the workout. That was hell I tell you, no one wants to add pushups on top of a hectic crossfit workout but somehow that made me and my team consistent as working out changed from being about us to being about the team.
  3. Resilience– nothing hurts more than working out. Well if we talking physically. You hurt whilst doing the exercise and after you done. You hurt the next day and days after that. What crazy person would willingly give themselves to pain every day? Well guess that’s me. After months of working out you begin to find that your body adjusts to the pain and learns to quickly heal itself and recover which allow you to go back for another workout. However this doesn’t happen after 1 day of working out. You need to keep training your body till it learns to and that’s where resilience comes in. You need to constantly tell yourself that you can do it and push through the pain till it doesn’t hurt anymore.

These are the things I find life often throws at us and gym showed me that I could push through.

📸 Feature Image by Andile B. Mtshali 




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