Finding Happiness

Happiness is fleeting. True joy comes from within – Pamela J. Wells

It has been observed by many wise individuals, that the only way to find lasting happiness, “true joy,” is to search within ourselves. We can find all around us, and read in the news, the multitude of failed attempts to find happiness in money, possessions, other people, power, and fame.

When we search for lasting joy outside ourselves, we end up feeling empty and incomplete; happiness becomes a fleeting emotion we chase around like a butterfly. However, it need not be so. If we simply turn our search for happiness within, when we allow ourselves to experience life on a completely new level. We begin to find a sense of peace within a peace that knows we do not need that new car or the new pair of shoes to be happy. We need only to experience life fully, more completely.

The good news is that you decide when to be happy and where to find hind happiness – even if everything in your life is not perfect.

What if I were to say Finding Happiness is so easy? Oh yes, I just said that! Pamela J. Wells says true joy comes from within, this got me thinking that I move around with happiness within me. The question one could ask is, how come it is so difficult to be happy all the time? Well it would be humanly incorrect to always be happy as life is full of events that sometimes overwhelm us.

Refusing to believe that I am like a volt of happiness as Pamela J. Well said, I had that light bulb moment and found the three things that could lead us to being happy almost all the time and these are my three findings:

1. Be grateful.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful states of mind that you can adopt. Not only does it make you feel good, it also shifts your focus from what you don’t have to what you DO have, and keeps it there!

As you focus more on what you are grateful to have in your life (even the really small blessings!), you worry less about anything that may be lacking.  The result?  A more pervasive sense of happiness!

2. Take time to just be.

If you spend most of your days feeling rushed and scattered, it’s hard to feel happy and content.  In order to be truly happy, you need to make time for yourself to relax, dream, and take pleasure in life’s simpler moments.

Beginning today, make sure to spend time doing things you love on a regular basis.  Read books that stimulate your imagination; listen to great music; take long walks, and generally make an effort to enjoy your life as it is without any reservations.

3. Love the journey.

Many of us make the mistake of pinning all of our expectations on some vague, far-off result, like the completion of goals.

We believe that once we “get there” everything will be perfect and we’ll finally be happy.  However, there is much to be gained from enjoying the journey to your destination!Funny enough “one day at a time” and “everything has its time” had become such cliché, but when you look at these sayings; they carry enormous wisdom.Make it your mission to revel in every moment that you’re working toward higher goals.  Enjoy the sense of self-mastery and accomplishment you gain with every goal you achieve.  Make it a worthwhile journey and you’ll savor the end result that much more!

The most important thing to understand about happiness is that it is largely a CHOICE you make from moment to moment. Though certain serious situations make it difficult to feel happy at times, most often we allow the little things to bother us and block any happiness we would otherwise feel. Embrace happiness, and it will grow to monstrous proportions in your life!And perhaps you are facing challenges, difficult situations, or heartaches in your life right now.

It is important that you realise  that it is ok to experience these for what they are. But it is equally important to remember that these things will pass, and to not let yourself get swept away in the unhappiness.

In conclusion

If happiness is a choice and is found within, this means no one or anything has the power to decide what or when you should be happy! It is all up to you.

Life is a gift enjoy every moment of it, unwrapping the happiness within.

Happy Regards,
Xoli Shangase #HerWords



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aphelele says:

    So much truth 🙌🏾


  2. Khethiwe Mthembu says:

    Really insightful and well written. Simple yet elusive truths and golden tidbits of wisdom. Thank you, Xoliswa.


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