I simply can’t tell you just how many times I have told myself #Lies just to get myself ou of doing stuff. Guys I sometimes even convince myself that I am sick, 😱 how bad is that?

So I have actually written down all the lies I have been telling myself in order to be aware of them. So if I tell myself this next time I can say (in Tamar Braxton’s voice): “Lies you tell!!”

These are the #LIES:

 I deserve to spoil myself

LOL, I absolutely love this first lie. Especially if I am on a new eating plan or I am saving some money, I tell myself this lie just to validate my excuse to not follow through with the plan (even if it’s ‘just for now)… #LIES

 I know how this goes

Yeah right 🙄 I tell myself this when I try convince myself that I don’t need to learn a certain lesson because I already know this… #LIES

Or when someone tries to share their experience/story/opinion and I tell myself I don’t need to hear the rest of this story because I know how this goes… #LIES

Failure is for losers

I tell myself (and have been told) this lie because it makes sense right? If you are passionate, determined and hard-working there is absolutely no way you could fail, right?… #LIES

I’ll do it later

Oh sweet procrastination, it’s so nice to say ‘later’ but everybody knows: Later never comes! #LIES

My truth is The Truth

#LIES #LIES #LIES this is such a lie!! I now believe that I what I believe is mine. My preference, my convenience. I acknowledge and respect other people’s truths #Amen 🙏🏾

It’s your fault!!

Oh yes, when it gets too hot you pass the blame right? Wrong! The truth is: it is MY fault. I need to learn to talk ownership of my life’s fate. It’s not my fault… #LIES

If only…

If only I was rich/stronger/prettier/smarter… Learning that I am actually what is stopping me from becoming the best me possible is ME🙋🏾 taught me not to cry about ifs, buts or maybes!!

Featured image by Funnyjunk.com  


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