Are you a User?

Have you ever agreed to doing something only because you felt somewhat pressured into it? Was this thing you had to do introduced to you as something for your gain? Were you left stranded after delivery of this thing?

Well I have 🙋🏾 and I promised myself that I would never trust that person EVER again!! It wasn’t until the second time I got played that I realised I had been successfully played, yet again 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

Goodness gracious I was so peeved I tell you! I surrendered myself to help a ‘family friend’, who was in an emergency, out. You know? The story is much more different when it comes from a person who needs help from when it is told by someone who no longer needs your a** 🙊

Lol, anyways I have not written this piece in order for me to relive that irritating day, but instead to send through a reminder for us to live and treat each other like human beings. It is never a good idea to treat someone (do stuff or to say things) that your wouldn’t want to be done to you. Life has proven to work in it’s own way and karma has also proven to be one of those ways.

If what goes around comes around and you are a user – guess what will happen?

✋🏾 just stop it then, drop the using because you will be Losing (😂 see what I did there)

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