It is not everybody you meet who will see greatness in you, no matter how great you are. There are those who aren’t interested in who you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going. Some people just aren’t interested, they won’t bother themselves with realizing your true potential. They’d rather class you in social boxes and settle for vague stereotypes than take the time to know you. To them, you are simple and ordinary.

It is precisely at those moments- when you encounter such people- that you need to stand firm in the knowledge that you have of yourself. When nobody is celebrating you, remember that you’re still worth celebrating. You are never small, always larger than life. You’re a deep well carrying tempest waves. You’re charming, intelligent and kind. Most importantly: you are your true authentic self. In a world that haunts our souls to conform, you are bold enough to be you.

Be enough for you. Say nothing. Do nothing. You have nothing to prove.


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  1. UpC says:

    Woah so true, thanks for this reminder Sam 👌🏾


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