The Happiness of Pursuit 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, from beginning right until the end. The Happiness of Pursuit made me see just how joy isn’t the destination but how joy actually is the transportation 🚗

It is hard to deny that it is one of the best feelings to know what you want, make plans and finally achieve it! This book explores that, while it encourages us to find/have/create quests in our lives that will bring us that satisfying feeling of accomplishment 💪🏾 In the Happiness of Pursuit pivotal questions are asked, like: what is a quest? What is the difference between a quest, a goal or a dream? Even though there wasn’t a definite answer to the above asked questions, a distinct definition of what a quest is was selected for the purposes of the book.

Reading the storie of the featured ‘quest pursuers‘ allowed me to tag along the journey with them. One particular one that stood out for me was the unusual quest set by Jia Jang, after recognising his fear of rejection, he challenged himself to 100 days of rejection. During these days he planned to ask outrageous favours from people, the plan was to feeling enough rejection to make him immune to the feeling, thus fearless. Brilliant right? I later watched a TedX talk by the same guy and he expanded on his quest. You can go ahead and watch it HERE

Reading this blessed piece of literature not only brought me closer to my own truth (and challenged me to face my fears, but it made me remember just how important it is to make a plan for how you will achieve what your heart desires the most. Oh yes I am indeed back to my to-do lists and other over planning tendencies, because without a plan a dream remains a dream.

Will you be bold with me and make your dreams come true?


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