Why your job can’t be your career

I don’t know about you, but I grew up with the constant notion that one had to “work hard in school to get a good job” in order to be successful . This was compounded by the fact that most of my family members were either teachers, lawyers, or some other product of a tertiary education. The cherry on top was watching how dismally my father’s practice fell into pieces, leaving our family unable to afford some or other necessity.

Entrepreneurship was nowhere in my vocabulary until I was actually in a 9-5. Being in the developmental space, I’ve been lucky enough to meet a lot of hungry business people trying to take their companies to the next level. And this has really got me thinking. What’s this obsession with a full-time job? Why has it been drummed in our heads for so long that the most certain way of making your dreams come true is through fulfilling someone else’s dream (by working for them)?

We all have an interest, hobby, or talent that makes us unique. how much better would life be if you could get paid for it

Look, not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur i.e. make your living through an independent enterprise, but I do believe everyone deserves to have the pleasure of a satisfying career (I have 5+ years working at a desk crunching numbers and spewing out reports to prove it).

On the flipside, some people get to have a job that = their passion (JACKPOT) but that’s like 1% of the population (this is not a verifiable statistic). So what are the rest of us to do? Ok, I don’t have the answer to that one, but I do have a few reasons why one should explore other avenues outside of work (i.e. day job) as a career:

  1.  You only get paid 12 times in a 365 day cycle – AWFUL right? See, if you had a side gig, you could make that much-needed extra cash;
  2. Keep yourself motivated – having something outside of your job which you lurrrv will not only keep that “pep in your step”, but it’ll keep your mind engaged and you’ll get a refreshing break from your everyday work. Keeping your brain engaged in something you deem fun can be as refreshing as a holiday (not to mention make you more productive);
  3. Leave a legacy – make something that is your own, leave a mark in the world. That “Long service” award is just a certificate, your descendants won’t remember you for who you were in the office.

Here’s to building careers outside of office hours!

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  1. blacksacredsam says:

    Inspiring read, I am fortunate to do what I love on a daily basis. I do find however, that some people’s passion and purpose is packaged into a 9 to 5 job.

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    1. UpC says:

      This is so true Sam, different strokes for different folks 🤷🏾 Shows the importance of finding out what work for YOU!


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