Spiderman Homecoming

So I finally watched one of my all time favorite movies – SPIDERMAN!!
After that, I don’t think I have to tell you how excited I was. I grew up wishing I were a boy just so I could become Spiderman. The man who could stand on ceilings with intense spider senses, strong skeleton, jump over the highest buildings the list goes on. In my eyes he was the man. I even hoped that I could at least marry him if I couldn’t be him (laughs).
Needless to say I am a true pider groupie.

Anyway, putting the drool aside, I finally watched the latest spider movie and as much as it hurts to say it but I wasn’t that impressed. The movie didn’t get my adrenaline going at all. It got close though I can give it that.
See I’m the old fashioned kind of girl who likes the raw hardcore fighting and use of strength which makes the new high tech movies a bit of a bore sometimes unless it’s well- balanced. By that I mean the amount of technology should equal the amount of action. For example the movie Divergent or Star Trek. those two movies sell you fantasies that make you feel like you could somehow acquire at some stage of your life. Or should I say that “they make you want to acquire their super powers” and that’s what I was looking for in this movie.
I wanted to dream of finding my Spiderman again and leave the cinema room excited to explore and take over the world.

This is not to say that the movie is bad but it could have been better especially in comparison to the previous ones. It’s still a good movie but not the best. I prefer a little more action in my movies 👊🏾

So its 5 out of 10 popcorns for me. Enjoy 🍿

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  1. UpC says:

    What, you’re a Spiderman fan? You just keep the surprises coming don’t you? ❤️


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