Tribe Vibes

Just that title alone brings a list of quotes to mind, right? “Find your tribe. Love them hard” and “Your vibe attracts your tribe” are just two. The internet has been educating us since our generation finally “woke” from it’s deep sleep of ignorance. The word tribe has been trending ever since. Loosely, it means a group of people who share similar interests, values or beliefs. On these internet streets, a tribe can range from family to friends to random Van Gogh lovers who barely know each other. The emphasis, however, is on the necessity of having this so-called tribe.

We can’t deny our need to belong, it’s ingrained into our psyche. Abraham Harold Maslow, an American Psychologist, believed relationship and belonging to be a human need. His theory (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) proposed that human beings need to feel a sense of belonging to a particular group, in order to live purposefully. Being a Christian woman, I believe one of the purposes for we which we were created is relationship. The sole purpose of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, was to restore a broken relationship between man and God. Fellowship plays a key role in my faith and walk with God, as it should with every believer. Our lives are simply more meaningful and worthwhile when we have people we can share them with. This, to me, is the purpose of marriage, of family, of community, of a tribe.

It’s ironic that in a world of instant communication, we are more disconnected than we’ve ever been. Social media has made it easier to connect with larger groups of people from all over the world, it’s unfortunate that cyber-bullying, depression and suicide are the result. We’re so overexposed and yet so lonely. We’ve been preaching independence so much so that we’ve forgotten the importance of real authentic relationship. Our smartphones have replaced family and close friends, we have all these followers and virtual friends that feed our need for attention but not heartfelt affection.

It’s only until an unfortunate event happens that we realize how much we need those around us. Life’s hurdles tend to remind us who’s really in our corner. it’s easy to be everyone’s friend when all seems to be going well, but time reveals which of those friends are willing to stand by us when the going gets tough. That’s your tribe, the friends and family who are there to hold you up when your world is falling apart. We should really value our tribe on a daily basis, consciously and deliberately. It’s important to stay in touch with those closest to us, always providing a shoulder and an ear, offering support and unconditional love. Appreciate your tribe, be there for them in ways that matter.


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  1. UpC says:

    “Appreciate your tribe, be there for them in ways that matter.” ❤️ this piece speaks to me…


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