A date at Melville Grill Lounge 

I’ve been recently acquainted to a fairly new eatery just down the road from my place, I loved it SO much that I went three times that first week alone, and because I like to share the joys of life with you, I’m about to tell you all about it! (The bits I can remember at least 😂)

I must give a big shout out to my good friend Bongi who I hadn’t seen in a looooong time for ‘dragging’ me there. I remember she texted me when I was very tired and on my way back from work and REALLY wanted to say no, but since I had recently made a promise to myself to make time for my old friends (because life is too short), I agreed. It was the best decision I made that day!

It was a Tuesday evening and we agreed to meet there. I made my way to 76 4th Avenue in Melville in an Uber that cost me R20 (The first sign that I’d love this new spot already). I was running a bit late (because I must make a grand entrance, darling) and I arrived and was welcomed in by a friendly waiter, before he could even get a chance to offer me a place to sit Bongi and I caught sight of each other so there were screams and hugs and he said he’d leave us to it and check on us later.

I joined Bee at our table and had a quick look around the room. I loved what I saw. The restaurant had a very nice and clean finish. I gave her my wink of approval and she suggested that I should wait until I taste the food. I had had a big lunch and wasn’t very hungry so I asked her not to order anything too big. I was on the other hand very thirsty though…

The bar area was quite inviting so I found myself looking at the drink selection like a kid in the candy store. I was very pleased to learn from the bar man (who I must add, is easy on the eye) about their buy 1 get 1 free cocktail special that runs EVERDAY (yes you read right) from 12pm to 8pm. I smiled and soon after ordered the ‘Grill Lounge Fire’ which has now become my regular.

I went back to the table and we were told that Tuesday’s are for their ‘Pick Me Up Poetry’ sessions, I’m big on those so I was delighted. They are an open mic setting so that us regular folks (by us I mean just you guys) can go up and share some poetry that you wrote or just poetry that you like. I didn’t feel like stealing the show that day so I convinced Bongi (who you will know as SA Idols 2014 Season 10 runner up) to go up and sing instead.  She did a beautiful rendition of Dangerously inlove (because she loves me) and had the crowd shouting WE WANT MORE! I didn’t find all of the poetry that night to be great. That’s definitely something they can look at making a little better. Maybe include some known upcoming poets in the act?

The food arrived and boy did it look good. Tasted even better. I said I absolutely have to come back very soon when I was actually hungry. Soon was two days later. I invited two other friends to join me. The one went on about how great the food and vibe is and was already making plans to come back with his colleagues.

Of cause, selfies were taken 🤷🏽‍♀️

My third visit that week was on a Sunday. Sundays are for self love and doing my favorite things so since I had established that Melville Grill Lounge was a new fave, I headed there with a favorite book in hand and ready to finally indulge in my all time favorite meal, Mogudu (tripe). I was very excited (and a little nervous) about how it would taste. I had high expectations after the past two great experiences and hoped that this one would be even greater. I was welcomed with a warm ‘It’s good to see you again’ and after being seated was asked if I’ll be having my regular. I was very impressed with this attention to detail but said today I’d switch it up & have a beer instead. I think I was 5 pages into my book when a plate was placed infront of me. I didn’t waste anytime (you can’t afford to when it comes to tripe) and dived right in. It was so good, so soft, so clean, just so perfect that I almost shed a tear of joy. I was not only happy that it tastes so amazing, but I was happy that I finally found a place in Joburg that has the BEST mogudu and it’s right under my nose! Oh happy day!

At every chance I get, I bring all my friends here. They’ve all shared the same sentiments. They enjoyed everything from the food right down to the music. I’ve received great service but there was this one day when they were out of chicken 💔 They did apologize profusely and offered us a choice of other meats that we could get instead. They are a restaurant that serves a selection of delicious African cuisine so there is plenty of food to choose from. (I’m just that girl that finds a favorite and has it all the damn time 😂)

Since my last visit which was this past Sunday, I’ve become a self proclaimed VIP and certainly feel like I’m treated like one! I really wanted to sit in the sun but it was so full, and as chance would have it (or is it luck?) they made a plan to squeeze in a table for me and my plus 1. Now that ladies and gentleman is what we call service delivery. I was back to my regular and it tasted so much more refreshing with the sun kissing my face. It also meant better selfies.

I kept the regular coming and before I knew it the sun had gone down and the music got louder. The ‘Romantic Repetoir’ with Mr Knight had begun where smooth rnb & soulful sounds are played. There was singing and a whole lot of dancing from my side, a perfect way to end a Sunday!

To see more of what this place has to offer you can follow them on their social media pages

Instagram: Melvillegrilllounge                  Twitter: @MelvilleGrill

You can also find them on UberEATS. 

So uhm if you’d like to go and need someone to keep you company? Give me a shout. I am almost always available. 

You can thank me later 💁🏽


2 Comments Add yours

  1. UpC says:

    Yoh I am so convinced that if I go to this Grill Lounge I will have the time of my life 👌🏾 Thanks for sharing Bu 🌹


    1. FemiBu says:

      Absolute pleasure


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