Concert Review: Lendel ‘Unplugged’

So I got a front row seat invite to an unplugged concert of an up and coming musician with quite a unique sound. He was so good that one of my friends who is a music industry executive was impressed. I mean I was impressed. This guy can hold the highest note that even  I battle with as female vocalist. However,  South Africa doesn’t know him yet even though he’s been making music since the beginning of time and I wonder why?

His sound is a mixture of indie rock and pop yet, still remaining soulful. Almost like Jessie Clegg. We love Jessie Clegg right! I mean who wouldn’t die for those cute eyes(drools), however, we know Jessie Clegg as the kid who used to go on tour with his father Johnny Clegg. He later took after his father and made a career out of music. But not all South African artists can get into the industry that easily, regardless of how good they are. If you’re not connected to the right people, the road to success as an artist might be rockier than what the movies show you. But the upside to it is that eventually you get there.

I just want to point out something that we seem to ignore in our country. You see every everything we do contributes to our economy. I believe that if we began to stand together and support one another as a country, we would be far by now. I know it’s  not fair to put all of this on us but when you really think about it, if this same guy was from the U.S. we would be lining up to see his show. But he’s in S.A and in this country we hustle till we know how to spell the word hustle in our sleep.

Not so long ago we had the 90% African music rule for our radio stations and all I heard was ramblings of how people don’t like listening to the radio anymore. This got me thinking that maybe if we showed our artists support, they could improve because I don’t think Beyonce’s beehive was made overnight. The queen herself had her tumbles and falls but rose each time because of her fans and the love her country showed her. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying, you should waste your money on artists who don’t work hard for their product but at least make the effort to buy South African made products, if not for you then for your country.  It’s not enough to complain when you not doing anything to change the problem. But that’s a post for another day. This post is about a South African artist who is good enough and I give him 7 out of 10 music note stars.

Image By: Andile B. Mtshali

Artist: Lendel Moonsamy


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  1. UpC says:

    Here’s to local music 🥂


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