The power of Ginseng💪🏾

I there’s one thing I struggle with the most it’s keeping up with my energy levels. It has become so much more crazy, I’ve been on medication for it. I’ve increased my sleeping time for it. I’ve prayed countless times for it 🙏🏾

I even took shots for it 💉 (oh brother😣)… I eventually got tired of trying to ‘solve fo x‘ and decided to take life as it comes. Remaining grateful for each day and the opportunities it brings with them 🕊️

The beggining of my appreciation for teas was in high school and since then, whenever I do my groceries I take extra time in the ‘hot beverages’ isle of the supermarket. I have heard of Ginseng a couple of times, and heard stories about how a few found it helpful with giving them that extra oomph💪🏾. You know? That kick we all need. So when I saw this Rooibos infused with Ginseng I knew I had to give it a try, and so I did. Am I not grateful I did though?…

I have a cup of this tea in the mornings, along with my breakfast and I definitely feel the difference. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely doesn’t make me bounce off the walls like a rubber ball 😂 Yet I certainly am more ‘alive‘ and ready to tackle the day, one accomplishment at a time!

Image by Freshpak Rooibos Tea


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