Sit Down!

It’s so simple my peoples – mind your own business ✋🏾
Could it be simpler? No! It’s as easy as keeping your nose stuck to your face, instead of sticking it in other people’s affairs 👃🏾 I know sometimes we just want to be helpful but be assured that if your opinion/view/two-cents was needed you would’ve been asked for it. Were you asked? No? Sit down!!

My word, how many times do you need to be told before you actually leave mine alone and mind your own?! You know and this blatant social media ‘Life Sharing’ has just made it so much more easier for everyone to be in your business. Oh it all looks fun right? Checking in for your every move or documenting your days via Instagram Stories… 

Yes it’s fun, and that’s all it’s for. Please note that people share their lifes on social media with you and that still does not give you permission to share what you think about what they do.

As a matter of fact: not only is your opinion:

1) not welcome, it also
2) not appreciated.

*Disclaimer this is not targeted to anyone and makes no reference to any specific event. I appreciate the outpour of love and support that I receive in person and on social media, God bless you ❤️

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