“Why are you always so happy?” 

Somebody asked me recently: “Why are you always so happy?” Then I remembered that I get asked this question a lot. I was asked this just yesterday by two different people. So I thought to myself, why vele? I mean I know the answer that usually jumps to mind at first thought but I decided to spend sometime thinking about it, I paid attention to the things I did for a whole week (a bad week at that) to figure out how I stayed happy. And now I’m going to share my findings with you. Do with them as you please.

  1. Happiness is a choice. Please don’t stop reading. Yes I know it sounds cliche and you are probably rolling your eyes because you don’t buy it for one second. The reason, I’m assuming, is because we can’t control our lives and the bad things that fall into it, but it can be a choice because if you think about it, you can choose how to react.
  2. Don’t get me wrong, pain & sadness are real things. I constantly have my fair share. They are feelings that need to be felt.  It’s the cycle of life. I for one am very unapologetic about my feelings about anything, but I also work very hard not to let the bad ones consume me. It’s so easy to. Choosing to be happy all the time is a full time job. I put in the hours and reap the benefits. I’m also always employee of the month 😂

I saw a tweet by Linda Mtoba (Isibaya actress) saying “Happiness is my constant feeling, all the other ones are temporary” and I was like YES YES YES, this describes me PERFECTLY. Linda is always happy, just like me. She is my spirit animal! It doesn’t suit me to be sad. I’m willing to go as far as saying I suck at it. There are people in my life who call me or ask to see me when they need cheering up. I’m that girl. It’s my special gift and I love it.

So how do I do it? Well firstly I count my blessings. For every bad thing that I go through there are at least 5 other good things to be grateful for. It’s an instant mood changer. When I’m feeling down and tempted to wallow in my sadness and stay in bed sulking, I opt to get up, make myself look good (cause when you look good you feel good) and go to places that make me happy, just like the beach. I don’t have it in Johannesburg so I will usually go to my favorite eating spot with a good book and Voilà I am all smiles. I also accept lunch and dinner invitations from friends when I really just want to lie and say I’m busy. I always find that after dragging myself there, I have lots of fun and come back home feeling so much better. Then there’s prayer. Sometimes prayer is the hardest because I would be angry at God but venting and telling Him how I feel lifts a load off my shoulders. If I can’t find the words then I play gospel music and sing along, it never fails to lift my spirits. If you know me very well then you should expect that I’m not leaving my girl Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter. I pop one of her dvds in my laptop and it’s a party!! None of these things are easy but they simply have to be done.

I’m not saying this is the winning method but it’s definitely MY secret. Try applying some of them to your life and maybe they will help you too. You don’t have anything to lose.

You’re also welcome to share with me how you keep that smile on your face, I’d like to add them to my list too!

If all else fails, give me a call 😉

I’m sending all of you love, light and bottomless happiness.


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  1. UpC says:

    Yaaas, I too choose happiness 🙋🏾


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