When I grow up. . . .

To dream is priceless. Literally it comes at no cost and it is one of the things that give us a purposeful life. Growing up we all wanted to be something, we saw the world differently. Full of opportunities of all the things we could do. We could be fairies at night and superheroes during the day.

We were young and full of life, ready to explore. But growing up comes with more than just exploring and living the dream. So much so that most of us forget our dreams altogether and we wake up one day asking ourselves how we let things get this far. Life is a b*** I know, but does that mean we should give up and sell ourselves to the social standards of the world?

I woke up in an unhappy place one day. A place with no life or dreams and all I was doing was breathing just so I don’t die. It wasn’t a nice place to make a born fire and camp in. I had lost myself and followed a path I thought was right for me because that’s what my family expected and how society saw me. I had let the world around me make decisions for my future and forgotten about my own voice. And that’s the thing about life. It can lead us to a very dark place if we let it and one can either come back stronger and better or lifeless which I why we should never lose sight of the dream because ultimately it is what keeps us alive. It keeps our passion for life burning and yearning for more.

So what do you want to be when you grow up?

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  1. UpC says:

    Here’s to the dream 🍾


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