I don’t belong to you☝🏾

Keke Palmer, what a Power House⚡

“I don’t belong to you” What a powerful proclamation to make at such a tender age. I am so grateful for the fellowship Miss Palmer gave me through this book. I will not lie, I previously believed that one has to go through years of hell (and high waters) before being qualified enough to say: “No! I don’t belong to you, leave me alone!!”

Before I read this book I was convinced that only my elders were allowed to be able to distinctly declare whose opinion they welcomed into their lives. I honestly thought because I am younger, I should push myself to live accordingly to other people’s expectations and opinions. This book was able to gently pull me aside and make me realise that 1) I am a grown person now and 2) Only I decide what comes into my life.

The way that this book was written made me feel like I was in conversation with Keke the whole time! Her fluent use of emoticons also made me feel right at  home 🏡

I recommend this book to every young lady coming into her womanhood. It’s a 5/5 from me 👌🏾


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