Meet Sthombe Madida 

I had a chat with an old friend of mine who has loved make up since I’ve known her, she used to insist on making my brows ‘on fleek’ before that term was even official. A few years later and she has turned her passion into a business and I wanted to hear all about it, and share it with you of cause! So me and her sat down together and had a little chat…

FemiBu: So Sthombe, tell us a little bit about who you are and where you come from?  

Sthombe: Sthombe Madida, is a benevolent young lady from kwelikabanana (eThekwini). I’m currently a student and trying to build myself business wise and as a person, therefore due to that: I relocated. I’ve been in Johannesburg for 3 years now. What keeps me going everyday, is the motto of my late grandmother: “Dreams delayed, are not dreams denied”. 

FemiBu: That’s a great motto to live by! How did the birth of S-Madz come about? What is the significance of the name? 

Sthombe: Oh man, S-madz ” Clean Touch” is my baby! I started this brand with the intention of enhancing natural beauty. I wanted women to know that make-up shouldn’t be used as a mask, it should be used as something that enhances your natural beauty. 

FemiBu: Amen to that girl!
Sthombe: The name S-madz, is actually more like an abbreviation of my name and surname. Two of my friends ‘Amahle Zama and Ziyanda Nkunjana’ actually came up with it. 

FemiBu: I like it a lot. S/O to your friends then! So what kind of make up looks so you specialize in? 

Sthombe: I’ve set no boundaries in my brand, therefore I’ve put no limit on how far it can go or grow. The vision it is to specialise in makeup, not just be make-up artist. 

FemiBu: Is there any face that you’ve touched that was a favorite? Tell us about it. 

Sthombe: Since this is a young business, my inspiration comes from improvement and every face I’ve touched have been the best.     

FemiBu: And here I thought the answer would be my face 😂 but very good save. Have you had an embarrassing situation or one where a client wasn’t happy? How do you deal with challenges like that? 

Sthombe: Of course! After all, you learn something new everyday. So, I once had this client that literally had no brows…

FemiBu: Oh boy!

Sthombe: … and she was late for her appointment. When she arrived, it literally took some time for me to finish up her face beat, because I couldn’t get the brows right (LOL), I kept on telling her to be patient with me. 

I’m a very friendly person, so I made sure the conversation we were having while I was working on her face, was also entertaining. When it was finally all over. I made her not pay the other half. 

FemiBu: Wow that was very generous of you. I can see that keeping your clients happy is on the top of your list. Where do you want to see S-Madz in the future?

Sthombe: I want to make S-madz a big and noticeable brand, not only specialising in event makeup. I want to tap into the retail market, where I want to sell S-madz branded make-up and beauty products. 

FemiBu: Well your work is incredible and I’m very certain that your dreams will come true, especially because I know that you work so hard! So when we want a face beat or want to see your work, where do we find you? 

Sthombe: I’ve got a website/blog coming out soon, the details will be posted on my personal Instagram page (@s.madida). You can check out my work on Instagram as well, the handle is @smadz_mua (There’s a page too on Facebook). All my contact details are also included there. 
FemiBu: Excellent! Looking forward to the new website. Thank you so much for your time & letting us into your world. I wish you nothing but success and may your business grow to new heights. 

Sthombe: No, thank YOU! 

Now ladies head over to social media and follow @smadz_mua and book your appointment for a face beat. Don’t say I ain’t never put you on!! 

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