Could you be too ⛪ Christian?

Is there even such a thing like too Christian? Oh brother🙄

#StoryOfMyLife I cannot tell you how many times I have received this comment and how many more times I have found myself wondering exactly what it meant, but I thank God (there it goes😂) for giving me a set of new eyes 👀 because now I see what ‘They‘ meant!

I am a saved Christian and my mother made sure all of her children were in church EVERY Sunday! As I was growing up, I realized that it is crucial to the church ‘society‘ that you serve in one way or another, so church gradually became an every weekend thing (I’m talking Friday, Saturday AND Sunday yo!)

So what does this mean? That a huge part of my life (if not all of it) was impacted or dictated to (for a lack of better words)  by church or, rather, by what we learned at church.

Of course that meant for a very long time a bulk of the jokes I made and the comments I made had something to do with the bible. Because that was ALL I KNEW (at some point) alright?! Lol so of course I’ll come across as ‘too Christian’ and I’m glad I came off that way because I was passionate about my walk with Christ and it is not my duty to apologise for it if it makes you feel bad #SorryNotSorry 👋🏾

Now this is possibly not what ‘They‘ meant to communicate but it is definitely how I understand it to be. Quite frankly I have reached a point where I really think ‘useless’ comments just flow through my ears without any of them remaining behind. What’s a useless comment you may ask? Easy! It’s a comment that you don’t:

a) Ask for…
b) Need…
c) Care about.

Now what now? I’m too loud? Too happy? Too fly? LOL😎#ByeFeliciaAndFelix


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