Whether you think you’ll fail or think you’ll succeed, you’re right.

All my life, I have felt out of place in some way or other for multiple reasons. In my later teenage years up until recently, it became primarily because I found myself in this environment; a black girl studying medicine in Stellenbosch. The title is as uncomfortable now as it was back when it all began. It always felt like I had to choose between my black, my womxn, my scientist, my intellectual, my art and the choice was, of course, impossible because all seemed to be integral parts of the self. Regardless of how carefully I tried to balance the scales, one would always outweigh the others and I learned, very quickly, that balance was an impossible ideal that people often strived for but very rarely achieved. Now all through life, you hear constantly about the people who achieved the nearly impossible; those who went above and beyond the limitations that were set before them and I began to question why I hadn’t tried to be that person and not for any recognition but simply to do justice to the parts that make up the whole. I realised that this didn’t mean that it had to all happen now and nothing had to be forced. There is a time and place for me to be activist, to be artist, to be scientist, to be intellectual, to be writer and any other thing I find myself capable of being. In life, we face many challenges. I figured I don’t have to be the additional obstacle standing in my way. And yes, I could fail but there’s an equal chance that I could succeed and with a little courage and a lot of faith, that’s the chance I’m choosing to believe in.

Featured image by Theascent.biz



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