Father. Brother. Killer.

Being a female in modern day South Africa is a death sentence. Yes, I said it.

No woman is safe. Not a single one. No-one. None.

Not the mother catching a taxi to her night shift nursing job, not the student trying to keep her bursary and be the first in her family to get a formal education, not even the little girl excited on her first day of big school.

For example, you could be making a quick turn at your local grocery store for some bread and milk and get injected with tranquilisers and kidnapped, or drop your grade 2 daughter off at school only to find she’s been gang-raped by a group of grade 7 boys by the end of the school day, hey you could even be jogging and be attacked by the construction worker down the road from your house.

Let’s stop kidding ourselves, it’s not because you went out too late, walked through a dingy back road, or that your skirt is too short. Our society is missing men. Women and girls are nothing but prey for a sick generation of insecure, demented savages.

Being a father, a brother, or a son used to mean you are a protector, a haven of safety and a comforter for any daughter, sister, and mother in your midst.

Now, it’s a license to kill. Every day we hear countless stories of fathers raping and killing their wives and daughters, of boyfriends burying dead remains of the #bae’s, and neighbhour’s butchering poor gogo next door for her measly pension. Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s not the whoonga-boys or bo-nyaope that are the culprits. These crimes against women and girls are being committed by our beloved dads, bro’s, homies and neighbhours.

Sigh. So what do we do about it? What can be said? How do we teach young boys and men that the female being is made in the image of God (just as the male), that she is a sacred being that has the power to birth, nurture and raise whole nations?

Featured image by The Color Rush Project 


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  1. Aphsie says:

    Oh gosh, this is so true. Where are our true fathers and brothers? 😔☹️


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