The end of suffering

For decades and even centuries, I think the humxn race has been able to at least agree on one thing and that is, that something somewhere went terribly wrong and that that something needs fixing. Despite this, poverty, racism, rape, murder and everything else that is wrong with the world has only gotten worse. We could come up with a very long list as to why this is, I’m sure, but at the root of it all, I think, is the inability for mxnkind to hold itself accountable for the current state of the world. We convince ourselves daily that there’s nothing we can do about any of it. We go on about our day just surviving, doing what is required of us and we convince ourselves once again that we don’t have a choice. This is all incredibly dishonest. We put people in places of leadership because we are afraid of accountability, afraid of not having a finger to point at for all the things that have gone so terribly wrong. We don’t want to do the truly difficult thing. We want to continue treating the symptoms of the problem instead of getting to the root cause because that makes it easier to sleep at night and to go on living, knowing that we have done our good deeds. The collective consciousness of humxnity is suppressed and in a state of sickness and nothing will change for as long as we do not heal ourselves, for as long as we remain hidden from true consciousness, for as long as we continue to point fingers at the people around us and refuse to look into ourselves. In much of our pain and suffering, we are the common denominator.

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  1. Aphsie says:

    So true Azanian!


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