Girl, why you so shady DOU??

I must admit some people are double gifted when it comes to (in the words of Nicki Minaj) throwing shade like it’s sunnnnnny 🌞…

Life has taught me on thing, very well, and that is: “Not everyone will love you.” No matter how hard you try, some people you will just never please. NEVER. I have grown to accept this and so I don’t spend my time, energy or any kind of efforts on them (#ByeFelicia👋🏾). What I do struggle with the most though are those people who come into your life and friend-you-up just to gift you with the highest ranking of shade you have ever experienced in life⛱️! Geez-Louise, and these people actually REALLY do exist people!

I find this shade a particularly tricky one deal with, because these people literally transform overnight to become the ‘unplease-sarable’ type. LITERALLY! You say your goodnights as friends but when that sun rises that friendship seems like it was just a dream…

I mean, am I the only one who has ever experienced this? Can I get a witness up in here?! Lol, jokes aside – the first time I experienced this with a friend whom I thought was my bestie my heart broke 💔 into (in two) pieces (haha, see what I did there?🤣) Everything was fine between us, everything was going well for her (you shine girl) and I was also good. Until things started going well for me too, now every conversation we were having became a comparison of our lives (😮). Now judgement is being thrown left-right & center (😣). Now you only greet me coz you’ve got ‘great news’ you wanna share (🤔).

It hurt but I am too grateful for shade thrown my way, especially by people I trusted enough to call Friends – because you saved me! (In the words of Beyoncé) I dodged a bullet!!

P.S thanks ma gorl💋

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