Service Review

I was given a pretty odd topic to write about this time around and I’m gonna be honest-its not really my forte’. I guess its due to the fact that service is something that some of us don’t have the time to entertain, well atleast let me speak for myself and its not because I don’t care but I just don’t have the time to complain should it be bad service. And also due to the fact that we africans tend to give one another bad service, you kinda get tired of complaining regardless of your money. Bad service has become so common that its almost acceptable and we get shocked at the ones that want their money’s worth.

I guess the question is in its importance. Is it important to get good service or get what you want and go? Which one do you prefer? I know I rather save myself the time and the energy to of complaining and get what I want and go. Not that I’m saying I don’t mind being mistreated or disrespected but I can’t possibly look for managers everywhere I go so I can complain when I have the option of going somewhere else I find more welcoming and friendly.  But then again we all different which makes the world exciting to live in and I’m that one out 5 that doesn’t have the time for it.

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  1. Aphsie says:

    Oh I’m the total opposite of you Sips! I will talk to the manager, post a review on Goggle and COMPLAIN!! I cannot tolerate bad service at all 😣😣😣


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