Hair diaries

When you have ‘Natural Hair’ what does it mean? For the longest times I was under the impression that having ‘Natural Hair’ meant not applying any relaxer or any texture-adjusting chemicals to my hair. Well I have done some growing up and let’s say I no longer think that way…

I started applying relaxer to my hair very early in my childhood, as a matter-of-fact I don’t remember ever being without silky-soft hair as a little girl. Oh yaaaas and doing hairstyles was my forte!! My momma had my back with that (hair)

I had silky relaxed hair on my head right through primary and slap bang into my matric year. The year 2011, had hair so long, so lushious and chopping it was never a thought – what? Why?! (#GoodHairDontCare💁🏾) I then had a health scare, I developed such unbearable migraines, which my parents took from doctor-to-doctor with no success… (one even suggested that I could have TB of the head 😮or some sort of CANCER 😮) Of course that scared me TO THE BONE!!! With the loss of hope came an idea to chop my hair off and start afresh, oh gosh I’m so dramatic right?! Lol, anyways —> 💇🏾 then I found out that the headaches were a result of my wisdom teeth growing all wrong 😌 so I dodged that bullet! Though my hair was still gone 🙃 (I must add that I really enjoyed my short hair, and I rocked it on my Matric ball!)

From then I grew my hair without relaxer and let’s just say I am still NOT friends with my comb (or anybody’s comb!) yet another health scare brought me to my second big chop – I was involved in a fatal car accident and sustained a head injury so the snippers were used again 💇🏾 But my hair is persistent so it grew back!! I kept it natural  but my scalp had become extra sensitive because of the injury so combing became even worse!!

Now I was caught between a rock and a hard place because the relaxer 🔥BURNS my scalp immediately when applied and now the comb had the exact same effect! Oh brother, I turned to my trusted barber (the one under the tree at my hood) and I completely shaved my whole head off. But my trusted mane grew right on back and I found a great Mild Hair Relaxer friend and life has been awesomeness!   

Featured images by Me (on selfie mode) 


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