Stir fry surprise.

It’s hard I tell you; being a dedicated lover of food and a vegetarian from a small town all at the same time. Finding decent places that serve decent vegetarian meals proves to be mission impossible most of the time. My heart never gets used to the disappointment. I don’t even bother with most fast food chains because I usually find nothing. I generally half dread going to any restaurant with friends because I already know that I’ll probably find nothing interesting to eat.

This was the mentality I took along with me, as a friend and I went out for lunch at a nearby lodge a while back. I reluctantly ordered a veggie stir fry with a side of mashed potatoes to redeem it, just in case you know. To my surprise, it was actually good, like really good. I was pleasantly surprised, and so I just had to recommend that particular stir fry from Platrand Lodge (just outside Ladysmith). It was, in fact, so good that my meat eating friend put her lamb curry aside to feast on my rather large serving of glorious food. I’m excited about trying out more of their food, things seem to be looking up for this here my tummy. I’m a happy potato.


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  1. Aphsie says:

    Oh gosh, the meatless struggle ✊🏾

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