Cyber(celebrity) Bullying the new trend?

I’m quite bothered by the recent social media trends lately. It seems as though people have accepted cyber bulling as a normal and cool thing to do especially if it’s a celebrity. Or maybe I’m just taking it way too seriously but either way is this the new trend for us now?

A few weeks ago I came across a thread on my Facebook about the famous Miss Khanyi Mbau’s bleached skin. Somehow people found it amusing to attack the celebrity and call her names for a choice she made about her “own skin”.  I get that not everyone likes the celebrity, I’m not a fan myself but does that give us a right to be rude to her? Does the fact that you don’t like someone give you a right to attack them and make them feel less of who they are?  I mean as much we think we saying something about them, what does this really say about you though? Have you looked at the mirror and identified with the words you are speaking to someone else?

It’s sad how we make ourselves feel better for bullying someone by telling ourselves they are celebrity so they don’t count. But do they really not count? Are they not human too?

These are the very same people that make us laugh when coming back from a long day of work. They entertain us and make us forget about our stress-filled life for a moment, yet we feel we have the right to belittle them simply because they are public figures. I’m not in the” leave our celebrities alone” fight but against the bullying that the world seems to think is a cool thing to do. Just because it’s being done to a public figure, doesn’t make it ok. The fact that majority thinks it’s cool, doesn’t mean its ok. Infact nothing makes it ok under any given circumstances.  Making someone feel less of themselves so you can feel better is not ok and I find this new trend a bit misguided.

As women we shouldn’t be fighting against one another but for one another regardless of the choices we make and if we are unhappy of one other’s choices, bullying them won’t make them change.  We are more powerful than we think we are and if we lift each other up, imagine what we could accomplish as women. Be a leader and not a follower and remember- just because something is popular it doesn’t make it right.

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  1. Aphsie says:

    Amen sista!!


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