eKapa Lodumo (the Famous Cape)

EKapa Lodumo – firstly I have always loved that name for Cape Town (CT), which, in translation, means the Famous Cape. Yes, the mother city 🙌🏾

My CT visit was three days and two nights, and that much time was not enough to do all that CAN be done in the city – yet don’t be fooled: this is in no way a complaint. I thoroughly enjoyed my CT weekend and given the opportunity I would certainly do it all over again.

This trip was an emotional, exciting and beautiful one and there are three main characters that made this story worthwhile…

My Cape Town father 😇

This is baba Ditaba Mahlatsi who not only afforded me the opportunity to have this trip, but also took some time apart and gave me a tour of the city. He LOVES CT and so it makes sense that I fell in love with the place because I was seeing it though his eyes of adoration 😍. I enjoyed my time with him (and it feels like I was with the entire Mahlatsi family, because he spoke about them with love). Ngiyabonga baba 🌹

2. My sweet cousin (emoticon)

So much fun!! Geez this young woman is a PARTY! I’m talking about a real turn-up yo 👯. The lovely miss Conco is a forth year medicine student (💃🏾 #DoctorVibes) and so I was well aware that we should respect the ‘student budget’ when I asked to have a sleepover by her. Yo! She hosted like a working class citizen up-in-this!! I felt RIGHT at home from arrival until the end, and did I not fall in love with ALL her friends? Oh, I mean OUR friends (laughing emoticon). Ngiyabonga cuz 👊🏾 🌹

3. My sizzling friend (see what I did there? Cindy – sizzling? It rhymes!!🤣)

Chom! Have you ever had a moment where you reconnect with an old friend and it is just like you never stopped talking? Like you’ve beeeeeeen that close, like forever?! Well that precisely how this story goes… Cindy and I were in high school together, and were both TERMLY boarders. I emphasise termly because we went home only at the end of the term! For the rest of the time we were together 🤞🏾. When high school ended (about x years ago😂) we’ve only seen each other once after that, but when we were with each other now – it was like we never-not saw each other 😂😂🤣!!!

Oh Cape Town, I have never loved another city as much as I love Durban (and probably never will!) but you come very close! But then again it was just ONE visit 👀


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  1. Palesa says:

    Ah cuz I’m so glad you had a good time! I would love to have you over again eKapa lodumo😁. You’re an absolute gem and my friends loved you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. UpC says:

      Lol #GoodTimes


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