Lessons my Mother taught me

Anyone who knows me knows that I hold my mother in very high regard. She, to me, is a hero and a symbol of both strength and tenderness; not a tenderness of the hands but one of the heart. Whilst many people would say that their parents molded them, for me, being raised by a single mother meant that I became my mother. This just happens to be my truth. My love and appreciation for my mother inspired me to write this post, so here we go… Lessons my mother taught me:
1. The greatest apology is shown in one’s actions. You may not be able to reverse your mistakes but to show that you have learnt a lesson,  even if it is only in never repeating that mistake again, then that is the sincerest apology.
2. Whenever you fall, do not lay there proclaiming to the world that you have fallen. Stand up, dust yourself off and keep going because life most certainly will.
3. Take a decision. However difficult it is, make a decision and make one that you can justify, even if it is the wrong one. That will be a mistake that you can learn from. And when you have made the wrong decision, readily hold yourself accountable for it because that shows integrity.
4. Men are trash. I remember being 9 years old and being well acquainted with this rhetoric although, back then, the mantra was “I’ll never get married. I hate men”. Of course, adolescence and hormones came along and clouded my judgement; an unfortunate physiological occurrence which I had very limited control over when coupled with my characteristic propensity to give people the benefit of the doubt. Life, however, happened to me and I learned the lessons that my mother had probably meant to prematurely save me from. Nevertheless, I have come to appreciate the wisdom I had at the tender age of 9.
These are, of course, only a few of the lessons that my mother taught me. I have learnt plenty more and continue to learn from her daily. I credit much of who and what I am to her but am still very much my own person. I listen and I learn but most importantly, I am able to discern. I continue to discover my truth and I cannot thank the phenomal womxn who raised me enough for the part that she has played in that.
What about you ? What lessons has your mother taught you?
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