Graduation: My story

So the day finally came and as cliché’ as it sounds-‘it felt surreal’.  Weird right? I mean I’ve known I’m graduating since the end of 2016 but yet I was in disbelief. Perhaps it was because for the number of years I’ve been studying. Amazing how it all turns out right?

I understand for some people it’s just a graduation, some even say it’s a money making scheme because of the gowns we have to rent out or buy and the pictures and videos being sold etc. It wasn’t far off you know because you now have to purchase a gown just so you can attend your own graduation whilst you still looking for a job or you thinking what’s the point of buying something that’s never going to be won again  but then again that’s why there’s the option of hiring.  It’s a valid point, however to some of us wearing that gown means a lot more than just getting your papers. It’s an achievement, a prize you get for sticking it out through your circumstances. A symbol of hope that there is a future after all. That it’s possible.

Living in a world where you no longer have to get a higher education to have a successful career, graduation has become cliché’ and makes it even more hard to get our generation to school. On the other hand due to our economy and currency, it has become even hard for those who want to pursue that higher education. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Some of us don’t make it because life caught up with us and we became part of the statistics. I would know because I was part of the statistics too. It’s as though the world is fighting against us and has become the survival of the fittest. Well at least that’s my version. But maybe that’s because graduating for me meant something a bit more significant. I beat the statistic.

On my first year of varsity, I had found myself in a city where no one spoke my language or did things the way I know them to be done and boy was I excited to meet and experience all the different cultures. But to my surprise, I caught the dark side of that and found myself trying to fight off bullies and drinking myself to sleep because I wanted to forget about the night my womanhood was stolen. He told me I deserved it and it was my fault so I kept quiet and by second year I was trying to hide a pregnancy I hadn’t planned. My life was over before it even began. A college drop out with a baby. Cliché’ statistic right? Good thing I didn’t give up though. I fought to get back to varsity and when I finally did, I couldn’t remember something as simple as blanket stitch. Stuck in a group of the young, hip and fresh I found myself lost yet again. I was the least popular and mostly the joke of my class because I didn’t know the latest terms, trends and even worse the “modules”. How I managed to pass my modules and move on to the next year is still unknown to me because I had no idea of much except the fact that I was going to wear that gown one day. Trying to raise a child and making ends meet whilst fighting to at least get 50% pass mark seemed almost impossible and I must admit that at times it got so overwhelming that I wanted to throw in the towel. But thank God I didn’t because this day wouldn’t have come and with that I got more than a 50% pass. I have something that can never be taken away from me no matter what and it’s all because I didn’t give up.

So to you reading this, let my story tell you these 4 things :

  1. It’s never too late to start over and re-design the life you want.
  2. Never give up in whatever you have set your mind into achieving.
  3. You are not defined by circumstance, society or statistic but by you.
  4. It always works out in the end.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Aphsie says:

    Oh wow Sips, you are such a strong and inspiring woman. I am so proud of you, well done👏🏾 and thank you 🌹


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