Beauty & Brains

Someone recently said to me that I wasn’t just a pretty face. It was in a work environment and I found myself very offended. I was also shocked because I’ve had this said to me on several occasions over the years and I used to find it as a term of endearment. Hell, I’ve even said it about myself many a times accompanied by a small pout and a flick of the hair. That day it didn’t play out like it used to. It didn’t go down well with me at all. I was fuming. Can anyone give me one good reason why beauty cannot be accompanied by brains? Why must the two be mutually exclusive? Who says they can’t coexist? (Please send me their location, I just want to talk)

It’s such a bizarre concept because when I look around me at all the women that are in my life, young and old, they are drop dead gorgeous with brains to match. Which makes ‘beauty and brains’ more common than it is a rare sight. So somebody is lying here, and I’m pretty sure it ain’t me!

It’s so hard being a female. We always have to work a little extra to prove that we have more to offer then just our good looks. This isn’t just at work but on an everyday basis wherever our opinions are heard. Like we don’t have period pains and chipped nails to worry about 🙄 Now this?! I’m sitting here thinking about my schooling career and all the people that were top of the grade, guess what they were? Yep, that’s right. Women. (Myself included, FYI 💅🏾) Beautiful and intelligent women. Again I’d like to ask who came up with this farce and when they plan to put an end to it because the numbers don’t add up!

The next time someone says that to me, my response will be WELL WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?!

I for one have got beauty, brains and a whole lot of magic. Get it right or get out of my light!

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  1. blacksacredsam says:

    I really enjoy your style of writing.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. FemiBu says:

      Thank you so much ❤️ I’m glad you do


  2. Aphsie says:

    Amen sista!!

    Liked by 1 person

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