So this other day I was drinking water and minding my own business when I came across tweets & pictures about #TheLinkUp01April trending on my twitter timeline, curiosity got the better of me (FOMO if you’d like), so I decided to call up my mates and make plans to go and see for myself, what all the fuss was about.


Look, I’ve been to a couple of parties in my lifetime (not quite sure if this is a statement to be proud of or not 😂) so I think I know a thing or two about a good time. And #TheLinkUp was just that. Now before we get into the juicy details, let’s take a stroll back into memory lane and find out where, when and why #TheLinkUp series began.


A group of 9 gentlemen, who view themselves as Dons (which is slang for Top man, best above the rest, mighty in the world, that Boss status kind of swag) got together and created KDE, the ‘King Don Entertainment’ brand that offers #TheLinkUp event. Their very first installment was in August 2014 at Darkie Cafe in Marshaltown. Fast forward to 2017 and the event has moved to different venues ever since.


This year, it was at a trendy venue in Newtown known as 1Central Place. It was my first time there and I was impressed by the amount of parking space and the car guards that were watching over the rides. In a time where crime is so rife, it was a relief to know that my cousins car would be taken care of.


We arrived around 5:30pm and paid a cover charge of R100. Cover charge was R50 between 3pm (when doors were opened) and 5pm. Arriving then was my initial plan, but you know how it goes, there’s always that friend who makes us late! Nonetheless, R100 is a reasonable fee so no love was lost. We got our tags and we were ready to party! I thought our arrival was rather early, but to my surprise it was already so packed and me and my people struggled to get a table. After one drink and hanging out by the bar, praying for a miracle, because God loves me, a table opened up. Right in front of the dance floor. Perfect! If you know me very well then you will know that me and the dance floor are no strangers. It’s probably the main reason I go out. I try to break out a sweat (because that gym thing isn’t working out ☹️) while having fun, and boy did I have fun! I mostly measure the success of a party by the amount of time I spend on the dance floor, and #TheLinkUp01April was no different. I spent a good 85% there. The rest was at the loo, the bar and the table, just to get my next drink and to check if my people were still good (They were). The music was popping, it made it impossible for me to sit down (My legs didn’t appreciate this the next morning but YOLO). We danced to iGqom, Kwaito, House, Afro Pop and Hip Hop. Just the right amount of each genre. I was very prepared and dressed in my bright yellow crop top (because I can’t let umkhaba define me) and shorts (to enable the Vosho💃🏽). I finished the look with some Levi’s sneakers because I was not there to play games and comfort was key!


The host with the absolute most was the incredibly funny and beautiful Pharoahfi who you will know from her ‘Weh dah Guareezy’ video that made the rounds on social media. She is now a MTV Newish presenter and actress on Mzansi Magics new Telenovela ‘Isithembiso.’ She kept the party going and became the resident hype man. (Totally unrelated but she said my hair looks nice 😂❤)


Few things go quite together as well as a cold drink and a shisanyama on a sunny day. It was unfortunate that I ate before I got there but the food looked mouth watering. Food trays left their tables clean when they were sent back to the kitchen so it’s safe to say that the food tasted as good as it looked. (I plan to go back soon, just to make sure). I really like the choice of venue, it was well spaced out with different sections, which I found to be really convenient. People who were more into chilling over conversation and hubbly could do that by the outside area. Us that like to get down got to sit by the dance floor where the music was loudest. There were a few big games on the day & there was a section with a big screen to accommodate the sports lover. I’d say It was a room filled with satisfied customers. I must also mention that the drink prices were reasonable, so you won’t feel disorientated by your pocket the next day!


My favorite moment was when the dj played some South African old school Kwaito and Afro pop favorites. The dance floor became flooded immediately while we all happily belted out to the likes of Bongo Muffins ‘Thath’isgubhu’ and Ntando’s ‘Ngithanda wena wedwa’ while we did the African electric slide (iStep). We had so much fun singing and dancing together. Appreciating some of the great hits that we have in our country. Watching the video of this moment still warms my heart ❤


Although #TheLinkUp has a strong presence on social media (which led me to initially think it was a twitter event), it was created for everybody (Yes, even YOU). I did meet 2 or 3 people that I interact with on the TL daily and saw a lot of ‘familiar’ faces. It was nice to meet people that I somewhat know. KDE thrives on the philosophy of ‘the more the merrier’ and unique and new faces are even more welcomed because it gives KDE, and us, a chance to ‘Link Up’ with new friends, and that was always the main objective.


Word on the street says the next installment will be on the 27th of May at 1Central Place (YAY!). Although it’s not 100% confirmed yet, it’s best you save the date. I have!


To verify all this tea and to stay in the loop, you can follow them on social media. You’ll also find pictures and videos of the previous events.

* Twitter – @KingDonEnter
* Instagram – @KingDonEnter
* Facebook – King Don Entertainment

See you there, then?


Picture credit: KDE


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  1. Aphsie says:

    Oh waze wangihalisa Buhle, major FOMO!!


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