I’m a believer

There are a few words that I could use to describe myself at first introduction, words like: Christian, Feminist, Entrepreneur, Lover, Patients, Strong-willed, Life-loving and the list goes oooooon… Though I have found one word that very easily summarises the above mentioned ‘charecteristics’: I am a believer.

When I proclaim this status of mine I’m actually referring to more than just the religious/spiritual perception of being a believer. I mean to refer to everything in life that I believe and trust in. I thank God that He has blessed me not only with abundant life but also with an open heart which allows me to fully embrace life, in all its glory 🙌🏾

I’m a believer, and I believe:


THE CHRISTIANS when they tell me about an all-sufficient God who loves me unconditionally. I believe that I am living a planned life and also believe that in my life I find absolutely everything I need to sustain my love and faith.


THE SCIENTISTS when they ever so passionately explain the laws of the universe and in all honesty if I too was a positivist I would refer to God as the ‘Big Bang!’




THE HUMANITARIANS when they preach through both words and actions that as humans we should live for one another. I believe that as soon as we build ourselves, as individuals, we should then use that strength and knowledge to empower each other 💪🏾



THE CREATIVES when they show me that passion is the only ingredient that fuels the soul. I believe that rules were made to govern our existence and if you break them with good intent chances are you will create a new path for all!


THE ENTREPRENEURS especially when they tell me that in the same way that entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, so is employment. I believe that if you have been blessed with a vision it is your duty to make sure it is accomplished!


THE ACADEMICS for believing that there are many ways of perceiving and understanding the world and its things. I believe that if you’ve got some sort of reasoning that makes sense to you, for why you believe what you believe – Go ahead boo 👊🏾


THE FEMINISTS or any other belief that states that we as human beings under the same sun occupying the same Earth are equal and deserving of the same amount of opportunity and praise. I believe that differences/boundaries are created by the mind, at the end of it all we all die the same way. The body lies still, soul and spiritless and we are planted into the soil – the same way.

I am a believer 😊


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