6 Reasons why you should play sport

Playing sport is something most us do in high-school and outgrow it as we get older because life tends to give us more responsibilities.  So I guess its much easier then to use this as an excuse as to why most of us in our adult life don’t play sport. I mean why play sport when you can go to gym right? But do you really go to gym or when you do- would how much fun do you really have out of a scale of 1-10? I ‘m a gym fanatic myself and if gym paid me to workout I’d probably be a millionaire by now. However I always look at the ladies when they are at gym some of them really put on a good workout and then you get the instagram bunnies who try act like they cracking up a sweat just so they can have a good instagram picture, then you have those grumpy ones that seem to be annoyed by anything and anyone close to them, and there’s me-the “bubbly one” who enjoys a good workout and kinda wants everyone to join in and smile whilst at it. We are all different and what works for me might not work for you and if you by any chance don’t quite enjoy gym then maybe it’s time you looked at the term “workout” a little differently.

Not that I’m saying ditch the gym but simply saying trying something might just do you some good especially if the gym is not for you. So here are a few reasons why you should play sport:-

  1. Learn how to multitask-it is no secret that our lives are busy and time is just not on our side. However playing sports might just help you get organized a little better as it will force you to schedule your daily routine so as to make time for practice, work and everything else.
  2. To improve co-ordination skills– playing sports has been said to help enhance co-ordination skills as in some sports such as volleyball, one has to be able to time the ball and hit it with precision.
  3. It builds your confidence– nothing says confidence than the feeling of accomplishment. As much as you might not always take the price, you still go back home with a pat on your back after a well-played game because the fact that you managed to even compete says something about you as an individual and that feeling goes a long way at work as it’ll make it easier to take on challenging tasks which will allow you to grow.
  4. To make friends– sporting activities allow us to meet new people with one common interest which is the sport.It doesn’t really have to be anything serious as long as its in a team where you get to play, then you are ready to go.
  5. Learn to work as a team-this is the easy one. Teamwork. If there is anything an employer will be impressed by. It’s this right here. Simply recruit your co-workers and make it into an office recreational hobby .This will allow you to learn more about one another and therefore build a relationship which will spill over into office work, which will help you work well together.
  6. To keep you in shape-Well this is the obvious one and to top it up, you don’t feel like you are working out as you will playing and having fun with your team mates.

This could be a great way to also bond with your loved ones whilst staying in shape and keeping fit. Give it a shot. You might just love it.

Featured image by: Sipsmac


One Comment Add yours

  1. Aphsie says:

    You make playing sport sound and look (featured image) so easy and sooo fun! Oh gosh, can I play with you Sips? Lol


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