Be your own motivation

Somehow we seem to have this idea that motivation to do something will fall from the sky and get you moving (which wouldn’t be a bad idea). However the downside to this idea is that we all know it’s a fantasy and we need to just do it. But do we end up doing it? No and instead, we procrastinate and make excuses and find shortcuts or even worse delegate things to other people off which there’s nothing wrong there, it’s your life and your choices after all.

But you see the thing with all this is we never get to where we want in life soon enough or we never get there at all because the person you delegated might take your shine or your excuses will lead you to a very dark road filled with lost dreams and no vision. The end results are never to our satisfaction and we know this yet we still carry on seeking for some light to get us going.  I do it too but what I have also learnt is that I need to be my own motivation because when all else fails that thing that got you moving the first time won’t be around to pick me up. And that’s what we all need to keep in mind that whatever motivation you think will come or you find will not last forever and you need to be your own drive and just do it.


It’s simple

  1. Take it one step at a time.
  2. Believe you can do it and go for it.
  3. Take the tools within your reach and use them to your advantage.
  4. Set realistic goals
  5. And lastly- JUST DO IT.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aphsie says:

    Oh yes mami, just do it ✔️


  2. Mack says:

    To honest I’m still struggling with self motivation thing. I hope I get a hang of it


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