What about the people…

South Africa is certainly experiencing interesting political times. With so much contradicting information in the media, it becomes difficult to tell the heroes from the villains. Simply put, my view is that nobody really cares about the citizens, every player in this game of Politics is in it for himself… Based on just social media observations I see a country torn into two: those adamant on having the president removed, and those siding with Mr Zuma, claiming to support the plight behind “radical economic transformation”. I recently read an article about Mr Zuma’s success at toppling (or at least denting) the power of White Monopoly Capital in South Africa. The article claimed that every move the president has made has been strategically planned and well thought-out. Feel free to read more here: citysun.co.za/zumas-strategic-plan-off-casualties-line-trauma-counseling/

As much as this particular article had claims that were unfounded, it did give me another angle at which to look at our current situation. The idea of true financial freedom for ALL the citizens of South Africa (and not just a particular minority) seems quite appealing to me. And as much as I am no Political analyst, I do understand how attempting to topple the white monopoly capital legacy, born of the Apartheid regime, might dent the economy. At face value, radical economic transformation and financial freedom for all does seem to be a fair fight. As to whether it is even attainable I am not sure, I hear many have died trying. I’ve also been cautioned to keep in mind what the cabinet reshuffling has resulted in… a particular Uranium deal is to suddenly take off, from which a certain Khulubuse is to benefit approximately R50billion over the next ten years. Oakbay shares have also soared in the JSE, this among other convenient changes.

With all this in mind, I refuse to be gullible and blindly follow any side. There have been countless times where South Africa needed to come together and stand against issues affecting the people. Nobody was shutting down the country and calling for us to stand together against injustice then. Matter of fact, I remember those unaffected by the #FeesMustFall movement making a mockery of free decolonized education. Remember the pictures of black children studying under trees captioned “Do they know what decolonized education means for them”, others of mud huts captioned “decolonized universities”? I surely remember those, I remember the anger, I remember particular races standing alone. So you can imagine why I find #BlackMonday and #ShutDownSA all too convenient for a particular minority. I am the people, and I stand for what’s best for the people. I am, however, struggling to believe the sincerity behind these latter movements.

The way I see it? Everyone is in this for himself… The elite certainly benefit from the #CabinetReshuffle, not the majority of the people; plans to remove the Mr Jacob Zuma are only taken seriously because they directly affect those reaping the benefits of white monopoly capitalism, not the majority of the people. The way I see it, nobody truly stands for the people. What do you think?


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  1. Aphsie says:

    So true Sam, everyone seems to be standing for their personal gain!

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