State of Panic

It was on the 9th of February 2017 when the South African (SA) State of the Nation Address speech was delivered and I thought to myself “If the delivery by our politicians is a reflection of our nation’s current state, then we are in trouble!”

And trouble we are in… Or are we?

Just last week we were ‘notified’ of the changes, shifts and the axing that was made in the Cabinet of SA, over night, by the president of South Africa. ALONE 😲

Now I was not aware that the president was allowed to make such major changes that affect the nation alone, but apparently he can! And he has. In all fairness he is allowed to because his cabinet is the ‘team’ he works with in order to implement governance. But is this reshuffle good for the people of South Africa or just its president? This is the question that has led this country into a panic…

Having said all of this, the optimist in me cannot help but believe and hope only for the best. I am reminded of the time when a similar thing happened when the former president, Thabo Mbeki, was recalled and President Jacob Zuma took office. The truth is you never know what you have until it is gone, how much more if it is taken away from you? I also cannot help but observe that the main pushers of the #ZumaMustFall agenda is the opposition party and I can never be sure of their intentions. EVER. Is this agenda for exposing a ‘bad’ leader or is it for pushing their own agenda? Are they wolves in sheep skin? What do you say?…

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