Work, work, hard work!

I’m no Marketing guru but doesn’t it seem like almost every new invention has the same promise attached to it: to make life easier by saving you time and effort. This concept is applied in every existing industry. Think about it… instant noodles, instant porridge, frozen meals, meal replacements, health supplements, kitchen gadgets and every known diet! The internet is faster, our phones are smarter and more effecient.

I was watching a talk show the other day, I heard an editor of a national women’s magazine state that print publications are a dying breed. It’s becoming harder to convince readers to buy print magazines when everything is happening online, (there goes my dream). We carry the world in our hands, literally. Fashion is faster too, shows are streamed live and consumers want to watch runway shows and be able to shop for merchandise simultaneously. Six months for who? For what? Fast fashion is even faster, which leaves little room for budding designers to keep up with bigger brands while staying true to their creativity and design aesthetic. Industry experts are claiming that we’re headed for a burn-out, I agree.

We apply this concept into personal contexts as well. We have even made people disposable, we don’t catch feelings. We’re too busy taking over the world to put in the time it takes to make a relationship work. As for marriage… what marriage?! We’re progressive thinkers and this is 2017! Our romantic (or sexual rather) relationships can be summed up in a single phrase: “WAAM! BAAM! THANK-YOU-MAM“. Matter of fact, we’re referred to as the instant generation. We want gratification, and we want it NOW! So the general concensus is that life should increasingly become faster with less effort. But no and behold… We have been decieved, there is no substitute for hard work.

I am yet to meet (or hear of) a successful person who didn’t put in years of hard work to get there. I am finding that the only way to reach one’s true potential is to work one’s butt off. As advanced as technology may be, there still is no elevator to your destiny. You still have to climb that same old ladder and break a sweat inorder to reach your destiny. It’s that simple, and that hard. If you want to lose weight and be fit and healthy, eat a balanced diet and live an active lifestyle. Diets can only take you so far. Exercise, do some yoga, work for that dream bod! You want to excel at school? Show up for class, study and do the work. Same applies for your job and business. You’ll get nothing done if you just fold your arms and dream. Yes, dreams are good but they will never come true unless you wake up and chase them.

I’ve witnessed quite a disheartening sight: a talented artist who never succeeds while an average one does daily. From this I have learnt that talent is nothing without hard work. Diligence and perseverance will take you places talent alone never will. A wise man once said that ideas don’t work unless you do, this is so true. Sure you’ll meet a few (many) obstacles along the way, you might even fail once or twice, but keep working on your craft. Don’t fall for that silly old lie. If you’re an entrepreneur, start a business. If you’re an aspirant chef, cook. If you’re a fashion designer, get sewing. If you’re a writer, write and get published. If you’re an artist, paint or sketch or do whatever artists do. There are truly no shortcuts to success. Work hard, sooner or later you’ll succeed.

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