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So there I was, minding my own business and humbly salivating at the idea that I will now get to write ‘Blogger’ on my IG Bio, and a little stressed about what the hell I am going to blog about? You see I’m not one to interfere with what God is doing in ones life (hence I can no longer lend out money to people) so when iW asked me to join the team I accepted gracefully. I may have even had a little bit of a Kanye shrug 😂

Anyways so I had just finished a workout and was stretching and found the TV switched on to Real Talk with Anele with Nomzamo Mbatha, Isibaya actress (amongst MANY other things darling) as the guest. Naturally I turned up the volume because that is a conversation I want to hear. At this point there is only 15 minutes left until it’s over, but hey, better late than never! Anele asks her which actor has she acted alongside that made/makes her a better actress. She replies by saying “Sdumo Mtshali.” I shrug again because he, like myself, obtained his acting qualification from the Durban University of Technology so I expect to hear such grand things about fellow actors from there. But it was her reasoning for this that caught me by surprise and snatched my soul!

She explained how before they do a scene together, they look at each other, have a moment and say “Let’s find God in this scene.” At this particular moment I wept. This is not an exaggeration. Zaphuma izinyembezi. Because for the first time in a loooooong time someone put into words what acting is to me. What it means. What it feels like. Being a Christian woman and lover of God just takes it to a whole new level, but that’s a topic for another day!

Can you imagine what it feels like to ‘find God’ every day? That’s what I long for. That’s what my life is about. That’s what I want to do. THAT’S IT! That’s my purpose! (Please note that this is a light bulb moment. If the budget had permitted there would be that ‘aaaaaah’ angelic horn, a bright light and a dozen doves released into the sky. I’d have a halo. 24 karats, bedazzled with diamonds, obviously).

Let’s find God in this scene…

What this essentially means is finding the truth to the story. And that’s what I do. I tell stories, stories that must be heard. Stories that inspire and educate. Stories that make you laugh until your tummy hurts. Stories that make grown men ugly-cry (nothing wrong with that gents). It’s my favorite thing to do in the world (although enjoying a glass of Chardonnay is a close second). There’s something about acting that I can’t always explain. It’s magical. It’s a transformational. An out of body experience (this does not mean siyathakatha njalo). You will be playing a VERY VERY horrible human being that you do not wish to cross paths with (i.e Donald Trump), and you will be having the time of your life. Your soul will be at peace. The stars will be aligned. It’s a weird thing, it’s a special feeling and a big part of what makes me who I am.

Most of all: it is a blessing and I thank God for the gift.

Picture credit: Yeshiel Panchia


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  1. Aphsie says:

    Wow FemiBu, I can even relate your ‘Ahha moment’ to life in general… It’s all about finding God in every moment of our lives, right? I agree!!


    1. FemiBu says:


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  2. Soulove says:


    Liked by 1 person

    1. FemiBu says:

      Thank you 🙂


  3. Noks says:

    This is a great piece! I always try get this “Moment” when I start an new audit. That’s when you know this is your purpose – what God intended for you!
    I love this!


    1. FemiBu says:

      Yes it really is a great moment ❤


  4. Noks says:

    We are watching you guys 😂😂😂😂
    But yes – you can be friends if no one will ocassionally try get in anyone’s pants! Haha

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    1. FemiBu says:

      Lmao I’m pretty sure this was meant for the other one, but yes there will be none of that


      1. Noks says:

        Haha YES – it’s meant for male bestie 💃🏾


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