Galentines Day

So “Galentine’s  Day” is a trending term that speaks of celebrating Valentine’s day with your “Gals”. I honestly don’t know where it originates from and as a dedicated writer I should have tried to find out but I genuinely do not care because this concept annoys me. It makes single people seem desperate and bitter about their single-hood so they have to gather and make themselves apart of the day.

Galentine’s Day originated from the USA, specifically from a comedy series Parks and Recreation. In the second season where the leading character Leslie Knope brought together a group of ladies to celebrate Valentine’s day (Trust white women to always do the most). Here’s the thing right, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to spend Valentine’s Day with your ‘gals’, but why are we now creating an entire name for it? Why not just chill with your gals on the 14th of February and stop trying to make it a movement as if you don’t ever chill with your ‘gals’. For some crazy reason you want to all of a sudden spend time with your gals and make it YOUR day too, manipulate it into an annual event as if it’s not a usual thing.

Whether you agree with me or not Valentine’s day is aimed at a specific target market and single people need to just understand that it’s really not about them and they need to stop trying to include themselves with things like ‘GALENTINES DAY’ 😒.

I’m all for self-enrichment and self-love but that should be an everyday thing, don’t try and overdo it on Valentine’s day as if you’re trying to compete with the actual purpose of the day. I’ve accepted with every fiber of my single being that the 14th of February does not require a reaction from me because I am what? I am single. Say it with me; “I am single!”. So even when I log onto social media, I know I am not going to see anything besides happy couples and a lot of relationship goals. I don’t want to be that single person that’s trying to post selfies with captions like ‘Loving myself today’, cause babes you’re meant to be loving yourself everyday so why is it a new thing on Valentine’s day? Just post your picture and go. I don’t think single people realize how forced this Galentine’s day thing is, it honestly makes us single people look like we’re trying to compensate for not being the target market.

Just be happy for the other kids who are enjoying the day, think about how much you’ll indulge in the day when you have someone in your life (If God willing because I genuinely don’t see God coming through for me any time soon). It’s a bit of a stretch this Galentine’s thing, also it just makes me wonder if the people who celebrate it are really content with being single. The fact that they couldn’t just pick another date to celebrate being single or being with your girls, the fact that it’s being celebrated on the same day as Valentine’s day says a lot about the intention behind this concept.

Be happy enough with the fact that you’re single and that as a single person, Valentine’s day requires no reaction from you. Don’t be a bitter single person, just do your thing without trying to diminish the importance of the day for those in love.
Just for fun, I looked up Galentine’s and I couldn’t find it but I found

Galantine’s – a French dish of white meat or fish boned, cooked, pressed, and served cold in aspic.

Don’t be white meat or fish boned that’s been cooked, pressed and then served COLD babes ☝🏾

Featured image by Chase&Charles

KADAN – (n) “where the heart lies”, an all-purpose word for a person one cares about, including friends, family and loved ones.


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  1. Aphsie says:

    Such silliness 😂😂 oh gosh, but I think I like the idea of Galentines 🙈 I’m not single though, so I’m not that keen for it being on Valentine’s day. So I guess I agree with you, let the other kids enjoy ❤️


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