Take heart: A life lesson

Take heart dear woman. You are the reason Mr. Sun showed up this morning. Nothing is as beautiful and graceful as you are. No creation ever so glorious as you. Its true.

One thing I’ve learnt in life is that moving on is the first step to happiness. It is a significant move in any revolution, change or beginning of great things. Yet it is the hardest step to take in spite of what we know. But is there anything easy in life?  I doubt it however this does not give us reason to be idle in one place, more especially if you want to grow.  We need to push through whatever obstacle that might show up until we put our foot over the line.

We need to be in constant pursuit of happiness regardless of that employer giving you a hard time or that land lord who thinks he has a right to tell you what to do or that bad heart break you seem to remember not to forget. Its not easy  I know especially when you almost hit rock bottom. Its not that simple because in most cases its never just about you but the people around you that you love and moving away from comfort into the unknown is never an easy choice but it has to be done so you can be the best version of you.

You see I’ve seen enough bad things happen to people especially women to understand how vital it is to always be in constant pursuit of happiness because once you let go, it becomes harder to get back up and pick up the pieces So the best way is to prevent yourself from going into the deep end by making the pursuit of happiness a part of your everyday life so it becomes easy for you to always bounce back.

I have learnt that sometimes clinging on to something,  no matter how sentimental it may be, might just be the reason why I am not growing. I have realized its all about re-directing your energy to wards something else and not letting go of something might be preventing me from moving forward as my energy is directed at it. In order to shift I need to shift. There more we shift the more we forget and the more we forget the easier it becomes to forgive. Yes forgive.

Unforgiveness is one of the most dangerous of emotions you could ever keep in your heart for a long time as it gives birth to other emotions such as bitterness, sadness, anger and rage. Now these are not necessarily bad emotions when they show up for a short period of time but keeping them in your heart is not good for your health and spirit. Holding grudges can cause necessary stress on your life leading to heart attacks, eating or mental disorders such as depression, etc. So we need to learn to take heart , let go, forgive and move on. That is the pursuit of happiness.

Our happiness doesn’t come from material things even thought they might make us happy for a little while but lasting happiness all comes from a happy heart. One that’s free of burdens and feelings of bitterness. One that is always looking at a half empty glass as half full.

So take heart strong woman and pic yourself up. Rid yourself of all the negative energies and restore peace in your heart by letting go and forgiving because you are one phenomenal woman whose happiness brings the world to life. Let the world live through your happy heart.

Featured image from Doublehelical.com


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  1. Aphsie says:

    Sometimes I feel as though I might not have the sufficient strength needed make such bold moves. Taking heart, forgiving has proven to be a heavy task to accomplish. I appreciate your piece, it has reminded me not to doubt myself and to Take Heart ❤️


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