I’m finding it increasingly challenging to live an authentic existence within the age of social media. Is it actually possible to express yourself in a way that is authentically you; unpolluted by the pathological societal expectations, whilst engaging consistently in social media? Does it require for us to become social recluses of sorts? I’m constantly having to ask myself, “Who are you outside of the environmental influences?”.

I’m easing myself into the idea that it is not, in fact, possible to form a self without outside influences. We are a product of our experiences, all of which are dependent upon the circumstances around us. What is required is an honesty with self; a persistent interrogation of one’s truth.

wp-image-116614100jpg.jpgIn the age of social media, we face the challenge of constantly being bombarded with ideas and trends with the aim of creating a personal narrative FOR us and one then wonders what would happen, who would I become if I was left to my own devices? We are robbed of the opportunity to decide for ourselves what is relevant and what is necessary for our own personal growth and development. We are told that if we do not fall in line, we will inevitably fall behind.

I cannot stress enough the power of reflection and introspection. We often make the assumption and make the bold statement that we know who we are but if our perception of self is not interrogated constantly, we may find ourselves falling into social media’s rabbit hole and growing further away from ourselves.

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