Roses are red..

Now before you think this is a romantic article with roses and sunshine, I’m going to need you to stop right there✋🏾 And no this isn’t one of those ‘I hate Valentine’s Day’ or the ‘who the hell is Valentine’s anyways?’ situations. This is an article from someone who just got back home from celebrating (for lack of a better term) her 3 year anniversary as a single lady! It’s 01:10 (FYI) and you probably won’t see all my typo’s because the editor will have them fixed (There goes all the fun).

Unrelated but I just had to step outside and  fetch my laundry because it just started raining! Well won’t you look at God?! So where was I? Ah yes, V day. The season of love, and so on and so forth. Look, I’m not anti-Valentine’s, (I’ll have you know that I’ve had some really amazing Vdays filled with lots of gifts and nice things) but I’m not exactly crazy about it either. I also don’t think it’s something that people need to try so hard to prove that they are against, just do you boo and keep it moving! I suppose with all the pressure to buy your girl an iPhone 7 it’s become part of the reason why some ‘hate’ it? Vday was so great in school. It had all of the juice! You got to wear your civvies and have your hair down for a change. There was something special about it, not to mention the discos and secret admirer box. Fun times!

Fast forward to today, an almost 26 year old me is laughing out loud and reminiscing about the good old days!

Celebrating love can never be a bad thing. That P.S written ‘I love you’ is enough to have me wanting to have your babies, twins please. (But If you want to buy me a Sirocco that’s also cool and encouraged). Thing about love is it’s not limited/exclusive to romantic relationships, and that has been my lesson these 1095 days (1 hour and 28 minutes included If you want to be precise). I’d quote the Bible right now but the way I’m set up I will pass out before I find the passage. The most I can do is halla at Siri and she says love is a strong feeling of affection. Sure sounds like something I can relate to. I’m extremely affectionate (Mostly to Beyoncé) so Siri isn’t far off the mark. I LOVE love. I love God. I love my family. I love my friends. I love strippers (Well that escalated real quickly), and that’s how I celebrate this day!

Don’t be grumpy if you don’t have a Bae. Look around and find the people that you love and take a moment to just LOVE them. It’s that simple.

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody. You are more than welcome to send flowers and chocolates my way!

Nginithanda #NONKE

– FemiBu

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