Should you flaunt your Love?

Welcome to Valentine’s week 😍 If V-day were a movement I would be the main sponsor AND president! I love love and everything that relates to the notion. Yet I have learned that not everyone is crazy about embracing and flaunting their love.

I have been told things like: “You are showing off!” and have been asked questions like: “Do you think we care?” when I either talk about or have social media posts that talk about My Boo❤️️ The truth is your happiness is not as much of a priority to others as it is to you. So as much as I am the head cheerleader for team #FlauntYourLove I also believe that the are some other things we have to consider before making our #LoveAffair public:

Is your Boo❤️️ comfortable with being so public?

This of course is the most important factor you have to consider. As a matter of fact, you need to sit down with your boo❤️️ and have an honest conversation about going public (more especially of social media!) Some people just aren’t as Social Media crazy as the rest of us 🙈 and don’t see the need or even have the want to share every single detail of their life with Facebook!

Are your families in par with this publicity?

I now what’s you are busy saying beneath your breath “But I’m dating HIM and not his family!!” Lol, this is true but it also doesn’t change the fact that they still have some influencing power in your relationship. So it would be wise to consider how comfortable they are with your being public!!

Are you prepared for the public’s response to your love?

Now answer this honestly… Are you ready to be watched, judged and scrutinised? The truth is that is exactly what will happen and in most cases this creates unneeded external pressure that might jeopardize your happiness as a couple.

Having said all this, I have also learned that overthinking hinders your happiness at times and so a lot of the times I go with the “If it feels right do it!” motto. So it’s up to you, will you flaunt you ❤️️LOVE?


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