Hey it’s OK!

Hey there you beautiful woman-it’s ok. You are ok. Your life is ok. Everything you are is just ok.


This is a word we hardly use as women because for some reason someone said we are not enough. Might not have been said directly at us but somehow the world lets us know that we are not ok leaving us in constant search of acceptance. Well let me tell you something

You are enough. You are beautiful, sexy, amazing, funny, kind, loving and too damn intelligent. Woman you are the cradle of mankind. Cheers to us.

I can pretty imagine how you must be rolling your eyes and thinking to yourself-“can she be original?’. P—LEEAA-SE. But here’s the thing, regardless of how we might be told how awesome we are we still don’t seem to fully grasp it and I need you to know in fact you need to know that you are a goddess no matter the jean size.  So put on your best dress and walk through each day like you own because hunny you do. You have the power to create your happiness all you need to do is take charge and use it. Forget about what you were told, forget about what the world says about you-what’s important is what you think about yourself and that’s all you need.

So yes it’s ok that your life is not perfect, it ok that you not where you thought you would be by now, hey its ok. Its ok that your heel broke this morning, its ok that your lipstick doesn’t match your outfit, it’s just ok.  Listen your life is yours and only you so love it and most importantly love yourself, celebrate yourself, your life and those you love around you because you only live once yes “YOLO”. It’s true you have one life and you should celebrate it each and every day. Live as though you don’t have electricity bills or fees to pay. Not saying go on a splurge but pay your bills and throw it behind you with the hope for a better tomorrow because that hope is what drives us to work even harder. Look at yourself in the mirror, any mirror you come across and with a smile tell yourself  that you are awesome because you are.

Let these words speak to you woman, let this be the start of a happier you and join me in my weekly empowerment and let’s celebrate our awesomeness.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. melissa says:

    nice one sips😊😊👧


    1. sipsmac says:

      Thankyou mells. . . power to the women


  2. Phazi says:

    Thank you soo much


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