Urgh it’s Valentine’s day…

So it’s Valentine’s week, I’m rolling my eyes as I say this to myself. I’ll be honest with you, I cant wait till it’s all over. You’re probably judging me too, thinking I must be single and lonely or just plain hating… But I’m not. I just, honestly don’t find the day as special as the world makes it out to be. I have my reasons, two to be precise.

Firstly, I struggle with the fact that Valentine’s day looks a lot like consumerism. I feel this way about every holiday really… Christmas, Easter, and the rest of them. I’m convinced they’re all just moneymaking schemes disguised as sincere celebrations of the things that truly matter to the masses. I’m not buying it fam, why should I follow suit just because everyone around me is.

Secondly, I believe putting a specific schedule to celebrate something as precious and necessary as love takes away from it’s significance. See, I love LOVE! I say life without love is nothing beyond mere existence. Love is necessary for us to flourish and become our truest selves. We need it, and we need it every single day. Why should something that big be boxed into a single day painted with materialism?

So I’m not hating, you see. Neither am I being bitter. Go on and enjoy your Valentine’s day if you must. Just keep in mind that one day isn’t enough. Love cannot made that small and it cannot be boxed. We need to set it free. Yes, let’s set love free, let’s celebrate it daily and express it in every way possible to those we love. Let’s not make it about tangible gifts and things that pass away, let’s make it about every moment we share with our beloveds. Let’s make love sacred again, let’s make it magic again.


Featured image from Bustle.com

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