A heart that loves is a heart of gold for nothing can ever compare to love

It is a place called home for where love is life lives

A heart that loves is one of a kind filled with promise and hope

It sings songs of mornings and tomorrows

Has no place for sorrows for where love is life lives

A heart that loves is magic

A fountain of fairytales that promise forever after

A heart that loves is a heart of gold

-Sips Mac-


Love is a word that has been used and abused far too many times that many of us don’t take it seriously anymore. It has become an adjective for pain, hurt and broken hearts and days like valentines are simple reminders of how love has lost its value to the world. From retailers turning it into a marketing scheme to businesses using it to make more profit it safe to say valentines is over rated.

But before we start hating, how about we go back to its original concept-love. Yes love the adjective of pain and hurt. Before all this love was just that-love.

What is love? It is the selfless giving of oneself to another day in and day out. It is looking past another’s imperfections and mistakes. It is putting another person’s needs above your own. Putting their happiness above yours.

Easier said than done but nothing in this world is easy and choosing to love has more value than anything. You see when you love, you rid yourself of all bitterness and negativity which in turn attracts blessings upon your life. Cheesy I know, but have you noticed that when you are in love, you can’t seem to be put down by anything because you are in a place where the world is beautiful. All of a sudden you start feeling motivated to live and find yourself doing things you were once afraid of doing.  That is the life it gives you. Love is more than just a feeling but a happy pill. When you love and are loved staying positive through life becomes easier even when the world seems to gang up on you.

But then there was Valentine’s Day. A day that is dedicated to love but used to make money. Sad but true and as corny as it may sound, this day is an important day for some couples and families because it doesn’t only mean they get to give and receive presents from one another but get reminded of what once was. This doesn’t mean they had forgotten about love but sometimes in any relationship one needs to be reminded of how love feels because we humans have a tendency of letting life overwhelm us and end up forgetting about the little things like dates. It’s also a good way to forget about the stresses life brings and focus on something positive for a change instead of bills and more bills GGHAAWWWD!  We can never seem to get away from  work, bills, kids ,church ,errands, doctor’s appointments etc and  the concept of “giving love every day” is in reality not so feasible.So if there is a day specifically made for love, why miss the opportunity?

You see Valentine’s Day is also a form of bonding with your loved ones, be it your family, friends or spouse it is another day where you can spend time together and reconnect. Another date night. So before you throw it out the window think about what it stands for and look at the people in your life because that’s what its all about really. Making your loved ones feel special regardless of what you think about the day. You never know, maybe your mom wishes she could receive flowers every now and again but because she is now single and doesn’t want to bother you she won’t say or you child learnt about love at school and wants to share it with mommy by celebrating the day. I am mother myself and boy am I looking forward to recieving my daughter’s valentine’s craft and listen to her tell me what she knows  about love. Might be boring to some and maybe to me too I mean what can a 6 year old really say about love? but what excites me is seeing her light up as she tells me “love is a heart”. It is seeing her beautiful smile when I tell her she’s right and that my heart and her heart are love.

Did you see that? it has nothing to do with how you feel but how the other person is feeling.That is love and you can’t really run away from it so I suggest you don’t even try because you have nothing to loose but to receive love by giving love. Single or not, love lives in us. Broken hearted or not love still lives in us and all we have to do it let it be. Let it heal and let it love. Let it live and just let it be. You see we ourselves are love for we were made out of love by our creator and not letting love flouish in our hearts would be a punishment to ourselves. So forgive, believe, let go and let it be. Love. . . . X O X O

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