Being forgiving

Forgiving is not forgetting, yet forgiving does lead to forgetting…

One of the most challenging life-lessons have definitely been forgiving. The reason it’s been so is that for what feels like my whole life I have been under the impression that forgiving someone is a one-step-process. They apologize and you forgive! But what if they do not apologise? What happens if you really want to keep this grudge and not forgive? What happens then??

So over the years when I said: “I forgive you” and it simply meant that I would not bring it up again and we do not have to talk about it. Oh but that reasoning has continued to corrode my heart and head-space, and has proven to be useless (at the very least!!).

Oh, but growth is such a blessed and wonderful gift from nature. For experience has taught me that the act of forgiving is a selfless yet a very personal one. Forgiving to me now means so much more than just letting go, it means releasing an agent that is threatening my inner peace and it is the choice to devalue that agent. It means building enough inner strength to be able to hinder any situation to affect/effect you in any way. For me a human being who forgives easily is one who is strong, mature, bold and wise.

So yes, again I say choosing to forgive does not guarantee that you will forget the pain you are currently enduring and how it was caused. Yet forgiving is choosing to take that leap of faith that will get you closer to forgetting this. This too shall pass!

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