Know what you want ✊🏾

Life has taught me the importance of knowing what you want. “Otherwise anything will do” many others have said and fully I agree with them.

I also believe that it is your basic duty to learn yourself, what you love and what you don’t, in order to reach a consensus on what you want. That makes sense right? It makes even more sense that once you have reached your decision you pursue what you want. Right?

Learn yourself

I do not believe I can possibly emphasise this point enough. As a matter of fact this is a life-long process, yet it is important for us to start this journey as soon as possible. We actually spend  so much time finding our identity in what our parents, society or even school sells to us as the ‘absolute truth’, that we end up losing out out on learning and creating our own truth. Make a conscious effort to learn more about who and how you are.

Be guided by your nature

Once you learn more about yourself you will figure out what comes natural to you. Many times I have heard people excitedly share the revelations that they have recently learned and I find myself thinking: “Uh-no, DUUUH” Lol, somethings just come naturally to you. Like it just makes sense, no explanation needed. Uncover those things and allow them to guide you in life. That’s most probably your gift 🎁

Trust your gut

Too many times I’ve said “I knew it!” a little too late. It seemed silly to trust my gut feeling, yet I would quickly trust the doctor with my life when he/she makes a judgement based on their ‘educated’ guess. Isn’t that funny? Trust your gut man, after all we are spiritual beings living in physical bodies right? Trust yourself!

Learn. Understand. Conquer

I have found this to be life’s recipe… Learn yourself, others, your surroundings + understand this thoroughly = and you will not only get what you want, you will conquer!! 

If you have already decided what you want it does not mean it will magically appear and ta-dah 🔆 you now have it, your highness… Oh no, infact it is the journey you take in pursuit of what you want that makes your story in this life! 

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